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Introduction to AI Plainly - Breaking into AI

Welcome to AI Plainly

This is the docs page for this full functional website. We’re proud to be your number one source of learning and advancement in artificial intelligence.

Here are reasons why we’re the ideal landing spot for you

  • Easy-to-follow writing style
  • Solid understanding of technical concepts
  • Keeping readers up to date
  • Search functionality within the blog
  • A daily AI newsletter to be released
  • Book on breaking into AI
  • Contributors with varied backgrounds
  • ✅ (and, best of all) dark mode in our AI site

Getting Started

To get started with us, familiarize yourself with the navigation within this website. Admittedly, it’s overwhelming at first, but it gets easier. We’re always open to feedback. Feel free to contact us with your questions, feedback, and suggestions 🚀

AI Pathway

The AI Pathway is a specially designed framework several professionals have successfully used to navigate and break into the AI space. More details to follow shortly.

AI Newsletter

Working with the best minds in the industry to make sure this is launched and readers get the best AI newsletter available

AI Networking Events

Networking is the backbone of the industry and we’re positioned to connect like-minded professionals to achieve greater things

AI for Kids

Empowering the future of tomorrow with skills needed today.