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Best Review of Paid and Free AI Image Generators and AI Art Makers for Artists

Bye-bye, photoshopping skills. The new era is here. A five-year-old with access to a good AI art maker can create a masterful piece of uniqueness. Learn how AI image generators work and see the review of paid and free tools

How Does an AI Image Generator Work?

Let’s break down the science behind AI image generators. AI picture generators use deep learning algorithms to create original images. A neural network trained on data including billions of images is the backbone of the algorithm. Based on the dataset, the neural network (after rigorous training) begins to identify patterns and distinct features. The recognition enables the neural network to generate a new piece of art containing like features. This explanation is the general idea behind AI art creators. However, different generators use a variation of the same concept. For example:

  1. Dall-E generates images based on text descriptions. The training data, in this case, is a textual input.
  2. Deep Dream uses a convolutional neural network (CNN) to generate new art based on the art provided.
  3. GANbreeder uses a generative adversarial network (GAN) to generate new images based on the input.
  4. AI Portrait Generator has a neural network trained on portraits, so it generates a new portrait based on the image provided.
  5. Neural Style Transfer incorporates a neural network transferring styles between images. All these are based on a slight variation of the underlying technology.

What is the Best AI Image Generator in 2023? - A Review

The best tool to use to create art depends on your skill level and access to technology. Some tools are free, while some require payment. Also, the tool needs to fit your need if you want a portrait, a life-sized painting, or an animated version of an existing image. Here are some of the best AI image creators we tried out.

1. Dall-E

Dall-E is an AI image generation tool created by OpenAI. The deep learning model underpinning this tool generates unique images based on text provided by the user. Prompts range from ”John Oliver getting married to a cabbage” to “a pink mansion built by unicorns”. This is a fun way to test the limits of art.

Key Features of Dall-E

  • Best for beginners - You only need your imagination and the ability to type in words.
  • Users can create images in different forms. John Oliver has had a lot of interaction with said cabbage above.
  • The user can edit pictures to suit a specific need.
  • It provides a free trial, although it is not free to use after the trial period.

2. Fotor

Fotor is one of the leading online photo editors, which just got equipped with a free AI image generator. The tool promises to help users accomplish their goals of becoming medieval painters, anime creators, and anything in between.

Features of Fotor

  • Fotor can generate images based on text or images.
  • Fotor allows you to generate up to 10 free images daily.
  • A myriad of conversion styles and effects are provided.

3. NightCafe

NightCafe is another AI art generator that adds flair and pizzas to the different types of images created. It can bring a brand-new universe to life based on the prompt provided by the user. It also allows users to purchase any artwork generated, which is then printed, framed, and delivered.

Features of NightCafe

  • NightCafe can be used for free, albeit with limited functionality.
  • Art generated can be printed and delivered.
  • NightCafe has the capability also to generate AI videos.

4. AI Portrait Generator

AI Portrait Generator is based on a neural network trained with images of famous portrait artists. Based on the image you provide, this tool generates a corresponding portrait. This portrait can be in the style of any of the famous portrait painters of old.

Features of AI Portrait Generator

  • The tool is free to download but requires a subscription to use

5. Midjourney

Midjourney is a small, self-funded, independent laboratory dedicated to the exploration of new mediums of thought. In essence, the company empowers users to have a heightened imagination.

Features of Midjourney

  • Midjourney is free for the first 25 images you use.
  • Midjourney offers a subscription model that allows users to create 200 images.
  • Higher tiers can be further discussed

6. Deep Dream

This AI-enabled tool is free to use, although it requires signup. Google engineer Alexander Mordvintsev developed Deep Dream. Alexander’s tool uses a convolutional neural network (CNN) to generate surreal images based on a given input image.

Features of Deep Dream

  • Deep Dream has three different modes of use; Text 2 Dream, Deep Style, and Deep Dream. Text 2 dream is self-explained.
  • Deep Dream is the original tool created to help engineers visualize deep neural networks.
  • Deep Style involves the tool using knowledge acquired to further improve the image uploaded.

7. GANbreeder

Now known as Artbreeder, this is another Free AI tool created to “breed” images. It does this breeding by merging unique features present in two different images to create a new image.

Features of ArtBreeder

  • The tool is free for everyone to use. In addition, there’s no limit on the images the user can download.
  • The free tier of Artbreeder only offers three image uploads and five high-resolution downloads.
  • Artbreeder has an active community of users showcasing different art inspirations.

Best Free AI Picture Generator

Most of the tools highlighted offer a free version of the tool or a variation of it. Finding a way to utilize them freely requires trying different tools and seeing the free options. These tools are available for free use:

  1. Dall-E
  2. Artbreeder
  3. MidJourney
  4. DeepArt
  5. Prisma
  6. Fotor
  7. NightCafe
  8. DeepMind
  9. JasperArt

Can You Use Dalle-E for Free?

Yes, you can, although with limited functionality. However, for a lot of applications, the free version is good enough.

How to Create Free AI Art

Most AI Art platforms require users to signup. After signing up, the user can upload a picture and get the corresponding new AI-generated image. If the platform uses text input to generate images, the prompt would be to provide text. Some AI image apps allow users to edit and retouch, while others don’t.

Can I Sell AI-Generated Art on Etsy?

Yes, AI-generated art can be sold for profit. The output is a unique creation based on your input and imagination; you can receive compensation for it. Some platforms for creating ai images also have a community allowing the sale of generated content. The worth is whatever the buyer decides.

Is AI Going to Replace Artists?

AI image generators are in vogue now, but this does not spell the demise of human artists. On the contrary, there will always be a place for artists in the art world. In addition, artists are constantly finding ways to improve their business with AI, so most of them already incorporate AI-created art in some form.


The world of AI image generation is expansive and exciting. The tools listed above should help a beginner get into creating AI art for personal use or sale.

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